a lil bit about me

emily // wpg, mb

i like to string words together in my spare time, so you can call me a writer, i guess, if we need to put a title to it. i write mostly for fun and for myself. being a professional was something that was dreamed about, but never really expanded on. i’m currently working towards a career in nursing but being a published author would be pretty cool one day, too! (we don’t talk about channels apart, an english project i did in grade 11, but i think it’s still pretty funny).

some other things i like are reading, taking nature walks, ukulele, piano, animal crossing, stardew valley, naps, netflix, and embroidery, to name a few of my very thrilling hobbies. i took a big break from writing as i just lost interest during phases where i tried to find new hobbies. writing has always been something that i loved doing, though, even in less flattering forms like high school essays.

cool that’s all i have to say cya on the flip side, bud